The Best Tape Backup Software Applications

There are several backup software applications that support tape drives. It can be a challenge to identify the most appropriate one to use for your machine, especially if you have no knowledge on backup software applications.
Tape drives are an important part of the computer because it can come in handy when backing up data and also in disk to tape backup solutions. Network Data Management Protocol facilitates and permits direct backup of FAS systems to tape which in turn increases the efficiency of data protection which reduces the load on back up servers.
Tapes are preferred because they have some advantages over disks technology. Some of the advantages include the high capacity storage ability. You can store up to 6.25TB on one tape. The tapes are also affordable as compared disks. The tape also has high performance and can be easily retrieved at 1TB per hour per tape.
Backup Tapes can store data for a long time without it being damaged as compared to disk drives which are sensitive to heat and other factors. It is also portable and easy to use whenever one would like to do so. It could be easily moved from one place to the other without hassle since it was portable.
Tapes are more reliable since they are not easily affected by viruses as disks. This therefore means that it can be used to store data for a long time as compared to disks.
Because of all these advantages it is important to ensure that one has effective backup software applications that will ensure that data in these tapes are properly stored to save from damage. Finding a good backup software can be tricky and therefore you need to contact the computer gurus for advice on the best backup software applications that are good for you.
One of the available tape backup software for Windows is Zip to Tape Add –on which creates safe tape drive backup for your data systems and applications.
Zip to Tape enables tape rotation schedules which fully supports the differential and incremental backups to tape.
It also gives easy restore which allows the user to quickly and easily restore tape backups; this is done with Backup Assists restore console
This application also gives encrypted backups which protect data by using encrypted tape backups. You will also get backup schemes which generate all-inclusive tape backup plan using both offsite and daily archive backups.
With this application you will also get tape labeling, where you can label every tape in the backup rotation and receive alerts from backup job if the tape was not inserted or loaded properly. With this software application you will also get compressed data. You will be in a position to back up your data on the tape though the use of advanced multithreaded compression and also an open zip format.
With this backup software application you will be able to protect your tape in windows 98. There are many other options that one can use to backup tape drives. Be sure to look around before settling for a backup software application.

UNIX data recovery

In any kind of network, servers play a very important role. This is where all the system information and most files are stored in the network server. There are a number of servers available, which do include the database server, mail, file, application and web server and the domain controllers. All of these severs main purpose is to provide a lot of storage in a network. Most of these servers are set up in a way that, they use a number of hard drives, which are normally configured together in a disk array. These servers are continually operated and at times there are many requests from different users accessing them. This may make the system fail either logical or physically causing a lot of data loss. This process is what calls for data recovery.

Data recovery is the process whereby data are salvaged and handled through a data from any damaged or a corrupted type of secondary media storage when the data cannot be accessed normally. These data can either be salvaged from CDs, the external hard disk drive or the USB flash disk among other secondary storage divices. Data recovery is required either due to two main reasons. This may include physical or any logical damage to the system. Phyycisan damage usually happens to the computer storage devices and logical damage happens to the file system, which causes it not be able be mounted by the operating system which are at the host computer. Some of the common things, which lead to a data recovery process includes any accidental damage to the computer or a case where the operating system in a computer fails due to various reasons.

The UNIX data recovery system


There are many operating systems which can help you recover your lost data, these includes Unix data recovery among others. Unix is very effective when it comes to data recovery but you will find that many companies do not use Unix data recovery technique. These is because the Unix operating system has a high possibility of you losing a lot of data. Also, when you are troubleshooting any system with Unix operating system, you should always have enough back up, which many do not have. Without enough back up it means that you will even end up losing more data. This is one reason why not many companies can perform Unix data recovery.

The situation which leads to data loss with Linux system

There are a number of things, which may lead to data loss in any system no matter which operating system it’s using. With Linux a system, it may lose data in a situation where there are some mounted file systems, when there is an invalid device, which is requested and also if there is system is not able to mount any of the selected partition. With this kind of technique, this makes a lot of technicians to keep away from anything to deal with Linux. Thought Linux has a lot advantages, its complexity, it’s what makes many to opt for a different operating system.


RAID Array rebuild and recovery process

RAID Arrays, despite their complex nature, can fail just as easily as common hard drives. And when you’ll want to recover RAID arrays from what looks like the abyss, you will find there’s replacement for be produced. Fortunately, that choices easy. With RAID file recovery, you undoubtedly only have two real choices to retrieve your data: the slow, harsh, costly way, and also the faster, complete way. It is your choice, along with the following may help you make your mind up.

How Crucial is the content of the Array?

When trying to recover RAID arrays inside the instance where greater than a single drive has failed, the important thing to how to handle it’s inside data itself. Are you running a RAID 0 array because it helps your system perform better when you’re playing Call Of Duty? Better to consider just rebuilding the RAID array over completely from scratch. RAID repair rarely comes low cost, as it is this type of specialized task that lots of hard disk drive recovery professionals go about doing not provide it. So in case your server really doesn’t store anything absolutely crucial to your lifetime, it may be easier to just bite the bullet, buy result-oriented hard drives and start over.

The other example scenario is that the busted RAID you’re using is running an Oracle database accessed because of your company’s sales representatives thousands of times each day. Or utilizing a CRM system that is critical when talking with your web visitors. Situations like these are hand produced for professional RAID file recovery shops when you simply cannot afford a “we’ll see what happens” solution. If your company’s very business operations are slowed dramatically caused by a failed RAID system, do not bother wanting to recover the RAID server yourself. It is time to get in touch with an expert.


Time is of the essence

Every minute and every second may seem like hours every time a mission critical RAID server has failed. And in fact, when you multiply the amount of stationary employees by those minutes, it may well actually turn out to be hours. It’s never particularly nearly impossible to find a RAID data recovery shop on the internet, naturally, yet, if your recovery is ultra-important, consider web mission to find “immediate RAID file recovery” or “overnight RAID recovery”. The industry does have a classic term for express-type services, that’s typically known as “expedited”. However, simply a number of shops actually offer emergency RAID repair services that can have your repaired server returned to you within a single day or less. While the cost of these “ultra-expedited” services are above standard, it could be worth every penny in case your lost server is killing productivity for the company all together.

Quick Don’ts With RAID Data Recovery

In a crisis RAID failure situation, many IT administrators will do the most effective to repair or recover RAID systems themselves, which sometimes may help, plus others actually hurt the task. Here are a few examples:

Moving A RAID Drive Within The Array – Whether you have had an overall double hard disk drive failure, or if merely a single drive has busted inside your array, please make sure to not make an effort to move the drive in any way. Keeping your array out of the box is important to recovering any lost data, if you wreak havoc on drive order, you are the prime culprit within the data loss.

Are Your Connections Live? – Yes, it can be a simple scenario, the one which even the most elementary support technician will remind you of, but it’s an essential one. Snug associations during the entire RAID system setup should be made for proper function, if something comes detached, a drive can “appear” to get failed. Don’t make the mistake of shipping out a server for a RAID repair if it is perfectly functional!

CHKDSK, The Enemy Within – Yes, Windows has a simple disk checker referred to as CHKDSK which is ready and willing to assist you find errors. Problem here is that CHKDSK was NOT suitable for RAID servers or complex hard drive setups. Save yourself some pain and bad overwrites by avoiding it altogether!

Whatever your difficulty, if you use a costly, professional platform, you will require professional solutions when an emergency occurs. When repairing RAID systems, don’t go cheap!

Not Many Companies Can Perform UNIX Data Recovery

UNIX data recoveryFew organizations can provide total and secure UNIX data recovery which could equal catastrophe for almost any company in today’s day and age. Operational functionality can be majorly compromised with even a few hours of downtime. UNIX is a complicated system requiring years of expertise and the ability to quickly troubleshoot for full recovery. In fact, very few organizations are even equipped with the necessary laboratory programs to deal with the diverse platforms available such as AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO and BSD. Each of these types differ drastically and therefore will demand a knowledgeable data professional. These multitudes of ins and outs also necessitate previous research and development. The average user or company should not attempt to to rebuild or secure their data, but should enlist the help of experts. These professionals will be able to back up and hopefully, fully secure data and files before more damage is done.

Many who have been faced with a crash have to seek the assistance of multiple data recovery companies before they even have partial success. UNIX crashes are some of the most complex and challenging areas to fix. It is of utmost importance to look into the chosen companies experience and success rate with the specific platform being utilized. Advanced knowledge of system tools and servers should be demonstrated in order to ensure it is the right company for your needs. Also, some sort of guarantee, wherein the client does not pay unless data is actually recovered is also a sign of confidence. A company that will invest time and effort in the work, but only receive payment based on the outcome will most likely provide a higher level of service. Any business currently using UNIX should have a contractor in place before an issue happens so as not to waste time. Look for technical expertise, customer service, and testimonials to make the best choice for your recovery needs.

What You Need To Know About Computer Virus Recovery

Computer viruses are very dangerous when they affect your system. This is because they can cause a number of things to the entire system. This is where a virus in your computer may lead to a situation where your files are deleted, or data corrupted and even in some cases they may end up wiping out your hard disk clean. Computer virus is harmful since they always focus on the most important portion of any program you have, or the operating system so that they can damage your computer completely.

How to fight computer viruses

computer virus recovery

For you to be able fight any computer virus in your system, there is an easy task, which you need to perform. You will be required to run an antivirus software. This software also should be able to scan any incoming files or emails and also perform regular scan to the entire computer to see if there is any kind of infection. You as a computer user, you should also be able treat any incoming message or information with a kind of suspicion. In some cases, people with computer do all these precautions and eventually find their computers to be infected by viruses. These may make you lose important data or files. You do not need to worry much since there are several computer virus recovery process, which if you follow you will recover your data and your computer will operate as normal.

The steps in computer virus recovery.

If you want to be able to recover on any computer virus, there are a number of steps which you need to follow.

  • Get to diagnose on your computer problem first: For some computers, they do have virus and yet can connect to the internet, get to search for the possible viruses, which might affect your system. You can also use the file search function available to search for those files which have been affected by the virus. The memory is another place affected by virus so also remember to search it.
  • Get to test a number of operating systems and program function: This will enable you to determine on how the system has been affected by the virus if they are really there. In case you find that one system or program is not functioning, it may be true that, the specific component has problem but is not a virus.
  • In a case where your system is not functioning at all, you can try to boot it using either a diskette or antivirus CD; while doing this, you should always take caution because this can only function if you had first created an antivirus disk which is bootable before even the computer was infected by the virus.
  • Search your computer also for the main operating systems: You can always pay a close attention to files with issa.exe or kernel.exe file because these two files are the key target of most hackers.
  • Hire a professional data recovery company to extract your data and clean your files from any virus attachments.

Apart from this, you may find that your registry for the windows you have been using has been corrupt. This is what makes many scares from using this kind of system.

Not Everyone Can Do Microsoft Exchange Server Data Recovery

Microsoft exchange server data recovery is that process whereby corrupted data is handled back down through either data backup. Data backup has become a very important part of anyone’s life and especially those who use computers all the time. This is because computers has been increasily used for a long time their users and one good reason is that they can store small to large amount of data. Data backup is that process which is able to offer security to your data. You can easily back up your entire data using either a third party tool for any windows utility which is free. With this kind of backup, you can easily restore from it in case of any data corruption or data loss due to various factors.

How you can recover your lost data through Microsoft exchange server data recovery

In many organizations, emails, play a very important role because they act as the main means of communication. If you a part of the organization, you should be able to find a secure platform where all mail and other import items can go through you and your clients. This is where Microsoft comes in for they have designed a kind of client server application program which is mainly in the process of Microsoft exchange server. With this kind of program, you are able to easily manage, send and also store all data items which relate to their organization. These may include data like emails, contacts, calendars and various tasks. It’s true that all the information usually stored in the exchange server is always important to any kind of organization. Data crashing in any MS server may happen or it may lose some data due to someone deleting some data by mistake. This is why it’s advisable if possible to make a backup copy of all important documents or files. The problem with this is the updating process since this must be done every time a data is added or deleted by the system.

The reasons why many cannot perform Microsoft exchange server data recovery

Microsoft exchange data recovery is different from any other type of recovery. This is because with Microsoft exchange data recovery, the data are usually saved in an extension file known as.Bkf, and also the files have different format compared to those of the windows backup files. Also in MS exchange data recovery, there are three different file formats than there is with the windows back up. With the MS back files there are three types of files which do include; the exchange streaming media files, exchange database, and finally the log file. These three files each contains a particular form of data where the exchange database is there for the storage of all exchange information, exchange stream media is for storage of any internet content and log file is there to make sure all changes in the server database are stored.

With Microsoft exchange data recovery be not easy to work with its many cares. This is the reason why most technician can perform any of this recovery even if they have a bit know how of how it operates.

What is cloud backup?

If you are running a business, you already know how backup of important documents and information is very important. This is more so with a business, which uses technology most when it comes to contacting its clients/customers where all documents are very vital and they always need a backup. Cloud back therefore refers to that entire process of protecting any data, and is achieved by storing data on a remote, online kind of storage space, which is usually known as a cloud. With many studies done, there is a clear indication that many businesses either small or medium lose their data because they continue to use a direct type of attached storage instead of them using the cloud services. Data loss is one thing a company should put into consideration since most of the companies when they undergo this they never recover. That is why it’s advisable you always research for available options when it comes to data storage and backup. This is where you can find many advantages which comes with cloud computing.

cloud back up

Cloud back up come with many advantages and this is a good reason why you should always trust any cloud backup service. Cloud backup service is always there to offer you data protection in high improved manner. It’s there to make sure that all that data you store is secure and can easily be reversed. This is achieved through its high improved security and also encryption technologies that come with cloud based backup. To own this kind of backups also, it’s not very expensive since they always make sure that it’s affordable. These services are also being easy to use for it comes with an anytime, any access service.

When you are using cloud backup service for your business also, you will find that their interfaces are very easy to use and also has a web based management system which is also user friendly. For all the devices used with this system, there is no or less management required for those devices, which are used for any kind of data synchronization with the cloud back up system. With all these facts, this makes the cloud back system very easy to Implement where it takes only a few minutes to a business is able to enjoy a fast data development together with simple data set up and also configurations.

Cloud backup systems also have high flexibility. If you want to grow or increase your business could back up offers you all the required resources. It’s up to you to determine what you need from their system and it adjusts according to your needs. With all these know how on cloud backup system, no one should scare from using the software. This is because it’s there to offer you all what you require for your data. This may range from backup to flexibility and these are the main factors which everyone running s business will always consider. So always can choose cloud back up if you are looking for any backup service for your data.

What NAS Storage Applications Can Do For A Computer Network

What is network attached Service (NAS)

Network attached service is a new innovation currently used by many offices. This is the technology whose main purpose is to deal with the many challenges companies experience. This is in a case where files and other application do compete in using the resources of processor at the same time. With NAS, one is able to save a data on a different computer as long as they are in the same network and connected to one server. These kind of service functions in such a way that they follow a design of a client server in, which one hardware device is there to act as the interface the network client and nas or even the remote computers. These kind of hardware device is referred to as NAS head and is different from any other traditional servers since it does not require any hardware to access. These NAS servers usually operate on a kind of fixed operating system, and allows either one or many disk drives to be attached to the NAS system and this is for increasing its capacity.

NAS Storage Applications Can Do For A Computer Network

Importance of NAS application to your computer

There are a number of things NAS application can do to your computer. With this kind of application, it makes sharing of a document with an organization fast and easy. This is because, when all the computers are attached to the same network, each one of them is able to access all the information, which is on NAS files as long as they are granted access. This will make the work easier for a corporation in which data is supposed to pass from one person to the other since it will be constant and there will be improved productivity as well as shared backup. There is also the sharing of printers which are on the same network and this as well improved on the productions as well. NAS Storage Application is able to store any data or file which maybe file document like web content or an email and other remote system backups. It comes also with some inbuilt features, which do include security, authentication, the disk space quotas, which do enable sending of automatic error in case there is an error detected while sending your email.

NAS application does play a very important role in your network. They are very different from any other storage devices and all the operating system which run through it do have different functionality. With this and the fact that there is a lot of sharing of data and also devices, it means an organization can save a lot of money. This is because, for items like printers, you do not need to buy one for each office hence can print from one configured point. This makes the work easy as it saves a lot money to the company. In case you want to use NAS Storage Application, don’t be afraid since it’s going to serve at its best. It offers good application services which are enjoyed by many. This is an innovation which is bringing a lot of improvement to many organizations.