Norwich Residents Have Three Options In Mayor’s Race

Norwich Residents Have Three Options In Mayor’s Race

And then there were three. Three political parties have entered the mayor’s race in Norwich according to The Day – Connecticut in their recent article here, by Claire Bessette. As of today’s date, here are the candidates:

Libertarian Party

  • William (Bill) Russell

Democrat Party

  • Deberey Hinchey and Charles Jaskiewicz

Republican Party

  • Peter Nystrom

One of the astute commenters to the article cited above said,

“Norwich has been in a spiral downfall for years. It was not always that way. It is almost as if the city government made a deliberate attempt to turn the city into what it is today, nothing but a dusty, seedy looking ghost town. And every year, it costs taxpayers more to live here.”

Well, Team Russell is proud to say that it has three core solutions for Norwich, CT:

  1. Revise the Charter
  2. Balance the Budget
  3. Generate Revenue

Read more about each of these solutions here:

If like us you’re tired of being trapped by the bad environment created by Republicans and Democrats, join Team Russell from the Libertarian Party in bringing fresh solutions to Norwich. Solutions that make sense. Together we will build a better city, control costs and find new ways to deliver services in an economical way.

Join Team Russell —-> Start here!


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