The Best Tape Backup Software Applications

There are several backup software applications that support tape drives. It can be a challenge to identify the most appropriate one to use for your machine, especially if you have no knowledge on backup software applications.

Tape drives are an important part of the computer because it can come in handy when backing up data and also in disk to tape backup solutions. Network Data Management Protocol facilitates and permits direct backup of FAS systems to tape which in turn increases the efficiency of data protection which reduces the load on back up servers.

Tapes are preferred because they have some advantages over disks technology. Some of the advantages include the high capacity storage ability. You can store up to 6.25TB on one tape. The tapes are also affordable as compared disks. The tape also has high performance and can be easily retrieved at 1TB per hour per tape.

Tapes can store data for a long time without it being damaged as compared to disk drives which are sensitive to heat and other factors. It is also portable and easy to use whenever one would like to do so. It could be easily moved from one place to the other without hassle since it was portable.

Tapes are more reliable since they are not easily affected by viruses as disks. This therefore means that it can be used to store data for a long time as compared to disks.

Because of all these advantages it is important to ensure that one has effective backup software applications that will ensure that data in these tapes are properly stored to save from damage. Finding a good backup software can be tricky and therefore you need to contact the computer gurus for advice on the best backup software applications that are good for you.

One of the available tape backup software for Windows is Zip to Tape Add –on which creates safe tape drive backup for your data systems and applications.

Zip to Tape enables tape rotation schedules which fully supports the differential and incremental backups to tape.

It also gives easy restore which allows the user to quickly and easily restore tape backups; this is done with Backup Assists restore console.

This application also gives encrypted backups which protect data by using encrypted tape backups. You will also get backup schemes which generate all-inclusive tape backup plan using both offsite and daily archive backups.

With this application, you will also get tape labeling, where you can label every tape in the backup rotation and receive alerts from backup job if the tape was not inserted or loaded properly.  With this software application you will also get compressed data. You will be in a position to back up your data on the tape though the use of advanced multithreaded compression and also an open zip format.

With this backup software application you will be able to protect your tape in windows 98. There are many other options that one can use to backup tape drives. Be sure to look around before settling for a backup software application.



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    Zip to Tape, i am using this one and i fell secure…unlike the HDs

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    nice information…well explained

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